Return Process

Please Note:
There will be a $250 Evaluation Fee for each valve that is returned. If the valve is found to be covered under warranty after it is evaluated by our Engineering dept, the Evaluation Fee will be waived. Also, if there is a non-warranty issue and a quote for repairs is issued to you (parts and labor), the Evaluation Fee will be waived upon receipt of an approved purchase order for the repair costs.

Also note that any valve that is returned with the leads cut down to the coil will NOT be eligible for a credit or exchange.

After reviewing the Troubleshooting Guide, you must complete the RMA (Return Material Authorization) Request form on this website. The Sales and Engineering departments will evaluate your initial request and contact you for a more thorough description of the issue you are encountering. Based on their assessment, you will be assigned an RMA# and a full RMA Form (with shipping instructions) will be emailed to you. The full RMA form must be completed and must accompany the shipment of the valve(s) in question. Upon receipt of the valves approved for return, our Engineering team will evaluate the products, based on the description of the issue you provided to us. If the valve is under warranty or you have approved for paid repairs to be made, the valve will be repaired, tested and shipped back to you.