Navy/Marine Solenoid Valves

Navy/Marine Valves

Trip Valves for Navy & Marine Applications

Clark Cooper’s Navy/Marine series are trip valves often used for Navy and Marine applications. The valve bodies are B61 Naval Bronze, and available in pipe sizes from ½ - 2" NPT. Because Navy/Marine valves are used for sea water, bilge water, fuels, and steam, their internal wetted components are made of Monel. These valves, along with many of our catalog products, are constructed to meet MIL-S-901D shock tests and MIL-STD-167-1 vibration tests, and can be customized to fit your application. Clark Cooper has a large library of modifications to apply to our standard products for military applications. Also available are 2-way emergency trip valves and 3-way bypass trip valves for Naval Shipyard use.

Emergency Diverting Solenoid Valve

Emergency Diverting Valve
Trips on Loss of Power
70:30 NiCu Union End Connections
2 SPDT Position Indicating Switches
Manual Override with Lock Pin
(shown in tripped position)

3-Way Bypass Solenoid Trip Valve

3-Way Bypass Solenoid Trip Valve
For Naval Shipyard Use

Common applications of Navy/Marine valves include:

  • MIL-V-16556, 3-Way Bypass Solenoid Valve
  • MIL-R-16743, Refrigerating System Components
  • Oil/Water Separator Systems
  • Reverse Osmosis (RO) Systems
  • Fuel Transfer Systems
  • Sea Water/Bilge Water Systems

Please contact our technical sales department to discuss your application:

Phone: 856-829-4580